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About BBG

Our History

On June 2, 1948, Beta Beta Gamma was officially recognized as a sorority on the University campus by SOSA and BSA.  The sorority was founded by a group of Korean women and today it is the only local sorority left on the University of Hawaii, Manoa Campus. Since BBG officially became a sorority, it has become home to many strong and independent women. 

Our Mission

BBG strives to create an inclusive and welcoming sisterhood for all women. The sorority's four pillars, which are attributes that we highly value, are SISTERHOOD, COMMUNITY, KNOWLEDGE, and LEADERSHIP.

Firstly, sisterhood. BBG wishes to help girls find and embrace their individuality, with the benefit of creating genuine relationships that they can carry with them throughout life. 


Along with growing as an individual spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, BBG also aims to shape women to become active members of the community. Through active community service projects throughout the school year, they are taught how to serve their community and all the communities they may find themselves in the future.

Thirdly, knowledge. Being in BBG allows for many opportunities to be social and join in activities, but we also prioritize school. College can be stressful, and since we're all in the same boat, we aim to check on and help each other out as much as possible.

Finally, leadership. Through the sorority, girls can run for leadership positions, such as president or treasurer. Having experience in leadership roles is extremely useful for an individual and their future.

"Individually unique, together complete."

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